You have warmed our cockles …

We launched over two weeks ago and our feet haven’t touched the ground. We’ve been busy sending our prints the length and breadth of the UK. The response from our customers has proved that you all have a little spot in your heart for Boo & Boy. This has warmed our cockles and made us get on with creating more prints for you.

So, onwards and upwards with our newest additions to the Boo & Boy print family. Our latest addition is this print ‘My only vice …’, it came about when a friend asked me what my only vice was.  I tried, and tried …. and tried, and failed, to whittle it down to one and ended up with six vices.

From the orders we’ve received, this week, it seems that our vices are wide ranging – from Marmite, boys and Diet Coke to wine, cheese, staying up late, teapots, bacon and rum, filofaxes, swearing, being naked, big fat cigars, shoes, cocktails and warm brownies.

Fancy taking up the ‘My only vice’ challenge for your wall space? Here’s the print.

So, what are your vices? Could you whittle it down to six? Let us know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “You have warmed our cockles …

  1. Anna says:

    Ooh 6?? Hmmm… chocolate bourbons and tea, Converse, stripey jumpers, scruffy-looking indie boys, Benefit make-up and bad American reality TV.

    Right, I need biscuits after working so hard.

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