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You’re my kind of wonderful print


When I met Mr B&B I immediately knew he was the one, I knew he was my kind of wonderful.

Product Description

When I met Mr B&B I immediately knew he was the one, I knew he was my kind of wonderful. Even though we’ve been together FOREVER, and a day, I still think he’s my kind of wonderful and I could not give that title to anyone else.

However, you may be different; Maybe you’re kind of wonderful is something totally different. For instance;

  • Your local butcher? The person who furnishes you with your pork belly for your Sunday roast and the occasional bone for the dog
  • Anyone who makes the perfect gin and tonic? That just happens to be Mr B&B in my case.
  • A dear friend who has stuck by you through thick and thin? Even when you drank too much tequila in Ibiza. Or that time you drunk texted them at 4am. Or the time you forgot to feed their fish when they were on holiday?
  • Your cleaner? The person who alleviates the pressure of all that housework … I don’t have one by the way but anyone prepared to clean my house would be pretty wonderful.
  • Your gardener? Do people have gardeners? Someone in charge of their topiary?
  • Anyone who looks after your children regularly who is not a blood relative. They probably also deserve a medal, money and cake.

People this print would not suit;

  • • Stalkers.

I think you get my point – ‘wonderful’ means different things to different people.

Who is your kind of wonderful?


The wiffle waffle;

* This print is sold unframed and is posted in a strong card tube 
* Framing is available (please see framing options)

* This print is personalised

* Gift wrapping available 
* Exclusive to Boo & Boy
* Made in Yorkshire
* Mainland UK delivery cost
* Estimated delivery: 5-7 days
* International delivery available


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