Softly, softly catchee monkey

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Softly, softly catchee monkey


Imagine a teeny tiny Buddhist monk sat upon your shoulder chanting “softly, softly catchee monkey”

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Product Description

Mr B&B’s mantra, where children are concerned, is ‘Softly, softly catchee monkey’.

Boo can never be rushed.  Mrs B&B has no patience on school mornings.  This causes much hollering from the bottom of the stairs while Boo day dreams her school uniform on.

Mr B&B who has been with Mrs B&B for a long time now is aware that Mrs B&B likes to be early to every social occasion and is somewhere in the middle of impatient and not rushed.

It is exactly this reason that he has sent an imaginary Buddhist Monk to sit upon Mrs B&Bs shoulder to chant in her ear “softly, softly catchee monkey”.

These days things are slower, everyone gets where they need to go, in time, and there’s no need for the hollering.

The wiffle waffle;

* This print is sold unframed and is posted in a strong card tube
* Framing is available (please see framing options)

* Gift wrapping available
* Exclusive to Boo & Boy
* Made in Yorkshire
* Mainland UK delivery cost
* Estimated delivery: 5-7 days
* International delivery available


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