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Life is but Moments


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How often do you remember the REALLY important stuff?

Product Description

Sometimes we get stuck in the grind, the daily blah of life.

The bills, the leaky tap, the car, work, work, work, it’s all we can think of and we forget the stuff that really matters, the REALLY important stuff …

The perfect cup of tea and a slice of the world’s best carrot cake, watching Boy score a goal, Boo bringing home a certificate from school, Mr B&Bs prawn and pea risotto with a nice glass of wine, the children snuggling up together to watch their favourite film, the dogs lolloping through long grass on a Summer day …

All things that should be cherished. Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

The wiffle waffle;

* This print is sold unframed and is posted in a strong card tube
* Framing is available (please see framing options)

* Gift wrapping available
* Exclusive to Boo & Boy
* Made in Yorkshire
* Mainland UK delivery cost
* Estimated delivery: 5-7 days
* International delivery available

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