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This print is for all those women with a collection of Killer Heels.

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My sister is the inspiration for this Killer Heels print. She inherited the fashion gene whereas I inherited the height gene. 

In a recent photo of my sister and her friends, it took me a while to locate her – she clearly wasn’t wearing her killer heels that day. You see, I am tall and unfashionable, she is short and fashionable. Like most fashion conscious women she has a fabulous collection of Killer Heels; shoes really do just do it for her.

For me, teetering on a permanent knife-edge of balance in search of elongated calf muscles is really too much like hard work. I just can’t cut it.

But, there are millions of you out there that can. And do. This print is for you, with a little thanks from Sister B&B.


The wiffle waffle;

* This print is sold unframed and is posted in a strong card tube
* Framing is available (please see framing options)

* Gift wrapping available
* Exclusive to Boo & Boy
* Made in Yorkshire
* Mainland UK delivery cost
* Estimated delivery: 5-7 days
* International delivery available


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