Product Description

Mr B&B is famous for his BBQs, or should that be infamous. The day can be cloudless and the sun blazing, but the moment he gets his sausages out the heavens open…

Our friends and family are fully aware that Mr B&B is cursed. When we invite them for a BBQ they come prepared with a selection of raincoats and umbrellas. We’ve even tried to cheat the rain by talking in code, or hushed voices, about the prospect of a BBQ… but that only makes matters worse. Have you ever tried to BBQ, under a tree, in sideways rain, with limited vision due to the tightness of your hood?

We’ve learnt, the hard way (over 15 years) to take a ‘pill of chill’ before commencing friends and family, garden based festivities as the British Summer always seems to catch us out. We know we’re not alone, so we thought we share…

The wiffle waffle;

* This print is sold unframed and is posted in a strong card tube
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* Exclusive to Boo & Boy
* Made in Yorkshire
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