So, it’s National Stationery Week… have you ever sniffed a new pencil?

I love stationery

So, it’s National Stationery Week. I’m excited by this, are you? Maybe you’ve stroked a notebook lovingly? Taken great joy in sharpening a whole pencil case full of pencil crayons?


I have always had ‘a thing’ for stationery. As a child, at the start of each new term, I remember my Dad taking me to town where I would buy a new pencil case and furnish it with brand new writing implements, rubbers and rulers. Each item was perfect and ready to be used; Shiny and full of potential.

if the answer is stationery printOn holiday I would hanker after visiting a foreign stationery shop. Pristine and clinical with the most beautifully designed stationery I would always come home with something special.  One trip in particular that sticks out is to Granada, in Spain, where I bought a see through fountain pen. The best Christmas ever was when I came downstairs to find a brand new desk with a lift up lid.  I spent hours putting all my stationery in it and moving it around … and moving it all around again … and again.

I have passed my love of stationery on to Boo who instead of asking for a present from her Aunt, asks her instead to take her stationery shopping.

This week is National Stationery Week and this is my stationery confession.

My name is Mrs B&B and I LOVE stationery.

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