Two Big Yorkshire Grins

Welcome to the Boo & Boy blog.

Mr B&B has been working as a creative genius for over 25 years.  While he was busy being a genius I was bumbling around deciding what I really wanted to do. It turned out that the mayhem of motherhood and entertaining through writing are where my skills lie.

The idea for Boo & Boy was born, in December 2011, over a family discussion about ‘rubbish Christmas gifting’.  We decided to create high quality gifts that we’d have in our home. That’s our benchmark, you see, if we wouldn’t want to look at it every day it goes in the ‘never to be discussed again’ pile.  Since we decided to laugh in the face of rubbish gifting we’ve worked incredibly hard, burning the candle at both ends, to get to this point … Launch Day.

There are no low gong-bongs, fireworks or cheers, just two big Yorkshire grins. I might celebrate by pushing the boat out and having an extra large G&T tonight, and Mr B&B might polish off a large bag of Maltesers, but there’s no time to stop and think, this is where the hard work really starts.

Friends and family have expressed concern about husband and wife working together but we’ve smashed that old adage to smithereens. No one is more surprised than us at our level headed approach to ‘serious business discussions’. Our secret is distance; we work at opposite ends of Boo & Boy Towers. We converse by skype and most importantly we compromise, which makes me feel a bit grown up.

It’s an exciting time.  I hope you like what we’ve done. If you do, please stick around and join us in this long awaited journey of creative discovery.

Boo & Boy is borne of our need to entertain, laugh and bring quality gifts, designed in Yorkshire, to friends everywhere.

4 thoughts on “Two Big Yorkshire Grins

  1. English Mum says:

    What a glorious website. Love the philosophy and very jealous of your grown upness. We still text ‘arse’ to each other, and we’re in different countries, not just different floors!

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