Mrs B&Bs Typical Friday

boo&boy-instagramI get up and feed the dogs, the gerbils, the fish and the children. I take Boo & Boy to school. Sometimes it takes several attempts to leave the house. Someone, usually me, forgets something.

I walk the dogs up on the windy hill and mentally map my day … what needs doing?  I panic all the way home that the amazing list of ideas in my head will have blown away by the time I reach B&B Towers.

I sit down with Mr B&B, and a large cup of tea, to download my ‘blustery head list’ and we decide on a plan of attack for the day.

This is where my hard work begins. Twitter, Research, Email, Pinterest, Instagram, work with the Etsy shop, Research, Twitter, Email, Twitter, Twitter, Facebook, Email, Email …

The postman always rings the bell when I’m on the top floor.  Then of course there are more deliveries just when I’ve huffed and puffed the first parcel back up to the top floor. It’s good for my thighs … I keep telling myself.

Today, Mr B&B is working on a fab new personalised print,  I loved it the first time I saw it and predict that it’s going to be a best seller come Father’s Day.

The dogs snooze alongside me and I wonder how one rids the house of the smell of dog and then realise that the answer is to rid the house of dogs.  This is not an option, so then I daydream of a new fangled nose piece which masks the smell of dogs and lets me only smell freshly baked bread, pesto and creosote. Yes the last one is odd.

Lunch depends on whether I’ve had time to go shopping but usually involves leftovers or whatever the children haven’t eaten.

Orders from the week are collated and packaged up.  Everything is checked and double checked before it is packaged and sometimes we hold a print up against a gap in our wall and agree that when we have five minutes we’ll do one for ourselves.

More tea is drunk as last minute orders come in.  Can we get them out in time?  Another school run is calling.

I pick Boo & Boy up from school and between the chatter, the arguing and the Friday night tuck shop we manage to get home and flop on the sofa.

But, that’s not where it ends, the sofa flop lasts ten minutes at most, because then it’s all hands to the pump to get the prints to the Post Office before it shuts. Boo & Boy help to stick labels on parcels and we get there just in time.

Then it’s home, dinner time, snuggle up on the sofa for movie night with Boo & Boy and gin o’clock which is where we all try very hard to tear Mr B&B away from the office and into the weekend.

And breathe.

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